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Taku Bannai

             We can
              never go
                 again ... 

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Dan Hallett. welaswed

June 2007: Illustrations created for Jonathan Walker's 'Five Wounds' are showcased in Computer Arts magazine issue 137

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shibari art

“Shibari” translates to “decoratively tie.” Drawing from Japanese tying methods, shibari artists use rope to design stunning geometric patterns that bind and accentuate the curves of each body. Whereas hojojutsu was a form of torture, kinbaku and shibari are about consensual art-making and experimentation; working together, the rigger and model engage in a simulation of extreme power dynamics to produce images and bodily experiences brimming with vulnerability, euphoria, tension, and sensuality.

Garth Knight. blood consciousness

Chris Shaghal. rope shadow

Hajime Kinoko. instincts and inner memories

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